My Story

I bring energy, passion and commitment to my desire to positively impact people and communities. 


Through the unique lens of my life, work experience and education I  have an understanding of:

  • people and their cultures

  • complex social dynamics and trends

  • the future of work

  • health and health system constructs

  • technology & innovation

  • values-based leadership

  • organisational culture

  • environmental & social governance 

  • the political landscape


Born in Sri Lanka, I spent my early childhood in Scotland and Colombo before moving to Auckland as a teenager. I attended a decile 4 Public school and then went on to complete a Health degree from the University of Auckland.  


I have worked in both the Public and Private Health sectors across New Zealand.  Health policy and implementation is a key determinant of the well-being of our nation at both a macro and an individual level. That’s why I find it fascinating and why my personal health and well-being is very important to me. 


It was during my early working years when I realised the importance of the intergenerational workforce and the need for organisations to build skills and capabilities.  This  set me on an entrepreneurial path which led to me founding ICE (inspire, create and engage) a decade ago to help young people find good jobs in good organisations.  The business model was based on my personal journey as a student, graduate and then young professional. We now operate in 6 countries covering 24 markets across the Asia Pacific region, London & San Francisco. 


Whether you’re 10 or 70, I’ll enjoy my conversation with you. People describe me as a typical high flying millennial, but I like to think I am grounded, well-rounded and  have a maturity beyond my years.   I am a self-professed lifelong learner, I’m passionate about politics, extremely curious and hold in high regard personal values of integrity, loyalty, achievement and respect.   My voice is shaped by my personal and professional insights, and I want to use it to create good.